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Historic Washington Picture

Historic Washington

Historic Washington, the first to be named for General George Washington, offers an authentic and enjoyable setting for a day, weekend, or a lifetime.

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Waterfront Homes Picture

Waterfront Homes

View our beautiful listings of Waterfront properties along the Pamlico and Tar rivers. The breathtaking scenery is coupled with the quaint atmosphere of Eastern North Carolina and offers fun in the sun for residents of all ages.

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Beaufort County Picture

Beaufort County

Beaufort County offers a rich historic past, booming agricultural and industry sectors, and amazing places to relax along the Beaufort County waterfront.

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Washington Picture


Founded in 1776, the Original Washington offers a beautiful and historic downtown and is known for the stately homes and lovely gardens that make up its residential area, as well as the ornate brickwork in the Historic District.

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